A Cup of Gratitude

Pre-Season 4 "Summer Break Series" - Episode 2

July 11, 2022 Amanda Schaefer Season 3 Episode 27
A Cup of Gratitude
Pre-Season 4 "Summer Break Series" - Episode 2
Show Notes

It’s episode two of the “Summer Break Series” This week we will hear from Jay Lee who is a Christian Blogger and host of the Daily Sabbath Podcast. He has a passion for communicating God's word in a simple and relevant way. He also enjoys engaging with diverse audiences across lines of ethnicity, culture, and theological beliefs. He served as a pastor for over 13 years at the same church and has an M.Div from Gateway Seminary, and a Th.M from Talbot School of Theology. He lives in Southern California with his wife and 2 young daughters and We will hear the music of Erica Renee Mckinney a Christian Music Artist who closed down her business of 16 years by faith to pursue her calling. She realized that she had to change her lifestyle if she wanted to pursue her calling in music. By faith, she closed her salon in 2019 and finished recording her album in early 2020. Recording her first music video for the album spring of 2021 and releasing her 17-track debut album by fall of 2021. Believing in the healing power of journaling and spending time alone with God every day, Erica found the freedom and instruction to walk in her calling. Having often dreamt of the music at night, She would hear the tune and lyrics come to her throughout the day; and writes music and songs to encourage herself and others. Erica wants to inspire and encourage people to be themselves. Erica is currently recording a new project expecting to release this fall.  Both of these amazing people have been on the podcast as guests and have become great friends! You don’t want to miss this special episode!