A Cup of Gratitude

Season 3 - Episode 21 - Finding Gratitude in the Work of God's Hands

May 30, 2022 Amanda Schaefer Season 3 Episode 21
A Cup of Gratitude
Season 3 - Episode 21 - Finding Gratitude in the Work of God's Hands
Show Notes

This week I speak with Connie Rowland an Artist and Writer who helps overwhelmed Christians see God’s hand in their life so they can feel closer to Him and be encouraged by His presence every day. Connie’s artwork titled “Master’s Hand Collection” uses American Sign Language to represent God’s hand lifting us up and helping us through the toughest of times. Her unique art unites Sign Language with beautiful images of nature and inspirational Bible verses, it is meant to bring the Word of God alive. Connie is the author of “Seeing God’s Hand”, a devotional that pairs her works of art with Biblical truth and inspiration for daily Christian living. Our conversation delves into the depths of her life and as we speak of her childhood experiences it becomes quite clear the ministry that God had planned for her life. I was stunned to learn that only 2% of deaf people worldwide (yes you read that right 2%!!!) have experienced the gospel. We discuss ways to change that astounding percentage. Connie gives a percentage of all proceeds from her artwork to a non-profit that aids the deaf community. You don’t want to miss this amazing conversation!

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 Get a Free Devotional: 7 Simple Ways to See God’s Hand in Your Life https://mastershandcollection.com/FreeDevotional

 The local deaf church I spoke of is Bethel Deaf Fellowship of Fayetteville, AR https://betheldeaffellowship.com/givetithe

 Deaf Bible Society - This is a great organization that is translating the Bible into many different sign languages to spread the gospel around the world. I’m not affiliated with them. But I have researched them and they are a great ministry for people to donate to if they feel led to do so.

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